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Ultimate Guide to a Prostate Massage

Many people have heard of a prostate massage but are unsure as to what is exactly is. Many men within modern day society have a negative viewpoint towards prostate massages because of what society has made it out to be. What is a Prostate Massage? A prostate massage or prostate massage therapy is an exercise […]

A Little About Lingam Massage

So you’ve heard about erotic massage, right? It’s a massage with a sexual twist. Most erotic massage styles originate from the sexually liberated East, it is only in more recent years that the conservative west have opened their mind to the world of wonders that is erotic massage. But as enlightened as we, the West […]

Relax Darling: 10 London Massage gift Ideas

What better way to show someone you love them than booking a massage? As autumn sets in and the nights get darker and the days get shorter it is the perfect time of year to treat your loved one to a bit of TLC. A trip to a spa is the perfect way to give […]

How Massage Affects The Nervous System

Over the past twenty years studies have been conducted all over the world to determine the correlating impact on the nervous system when getting a massage. Work has already been done that has established the importance of human touch on the human psychosis. These studies revealed that prolonged periods without skin on skin human interaction […]

Using Massage For Different Types of Pain

  Chronic pain can cause misery, unhappiness and gloom to whoever the sufferer maybe. An array of medications may not be enough to ease the pain and provide comfort, leaving the sufferer looking for alternatives to help relieve their aches. Many people do not realise how frequently undertaking a massage can be used as a […]

The History of Japanese Massage

Japanese massage dates as far back as 100BCE, with ancient texts stating that Japanese Buddhist monks went to China to learn this ancient art. There, they were introduced to ‘an mo’ or ‘tui na’- also known as classic Chinese massage therapy, where they picked up priceless skills and returned back to Japan, wealthy with knowledge. […]

What is the difference between nuru gel & massage oil?

This is part of a monthly blog series, looking to uncover many trade secrets and muddled mystery surrounding erotic massage and parlour conduct within the London massage scene. A series of blogs written by the people that know ‘what’s what’.  We have spoken to masseuses, parlour management, regular clients and first timers to get a […]

Soapy vs Nuru massage: Are they the same?

Soapy and Nuru massage, the crème de la crème of adult services and share one sensationally attribute in common – they both allow you to get slippery and steamy with your masseuse! Some people often mistaken soapy and Nuru massage as the same service, but despite sharing many similarities they also pose copious differences. So […]

What exactly is nuru massage?

  Nuru massage…So, you might have heard on the grapevine, in passing, on a tv show, by a friend, the hushed murmurs of the ‘new’ trendy phenomena that has swept the erotic massage industry ‘Nuru massage’, and a quick google search will turn up a whole host of information, some of it long and wordy, […]