a hindu lingam stone

A Little About Lingam Massage

a hindu lingam stone
So you’ve heard about erotic massage, right? It’s a massage with a sexual twist. Most erotic massage styles originate from the sexually liberated East, it is only in more recent years that the conservative west have opened their mind to the world of wonders that is erotic massage. But as enlightened as we, the West might be now, to experiencing these erotic delights, we are slow on the lingo. And by lingo I mean knowing what any of these coded massage terms mean. From ‘happy ending’ to ‘prostate’- we Brits have no idea! Fortunately for you, I am writing a series of blog posts that will (I hope) pull the wool from over our eyes and ensure that next time we go in to an erotic massage parlour we know what we’re getting. Sound good? Okay. So this week I’m going to be discussing ‘Lingam’ massage.

Lingam massage originates from India; traditional Buddhist and Hindu communities were the first to practice the style and named it ‘Lingam’ from their native tongue of Sanskrit. Lingam translates in English to ‘Penis’… which gives you some idea as to what this massage is all about.

The Lingam/Penis massage draws its focus from honouring the male member and celebrating it. The massages main purpose is to bring pleasure and ecstasy to the penis. * There is also the female equivalent: The ‘Yoni’ massage for any girls out there wondering…

Practitioners of Lingam massage believed that by releasing the powerful energy that lays within the lingam you are able to release the soul from its shackles and open your body to experiencing maximum pleasure. They believe that every human body has hidden pleasure portals which inactivated, can go undetected for one’s entire life. By releasing these shackles, one is supposed to be able to feel more open, more susceptible to pleasure. Receiving a lingam massage not only brings pleasure but it helps you learn to control your sexual energy, meaning that you can build bigger and more powerful orgasms every time you get a lingam massage.

Not only is Lingam massage excellent for eliciting powerful and mind altering orgasms but it is an ideal massage service to go for if you find yourself dealing with a bout of erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation. Your trained lingam masseuse will be able to relieve you of these sexual problems by teaching you edging techniques and lowering your stress levels. The masseuse will of course not JUST massage your penis, you will receive a full body massage, which will mean that all of your muscles and joints are completely relaxed, leaving you open to pleasure in a way that you are not typically.

One of the exciting things about getting a Lingam massage, or any erotic massage for that matter is that it’s all about you. You don’t need to worry about anything, your masseuse is there to look after you and deliver pleasure. It is the masseuse’s job to ensure you are transported to a world of blissful ecstasy.

So really, what I’m trying to say is, whatever massage style you go for, getting an erotic massage is a great way to get back in touch with yourself and unwind.