Soapy vs Nuru massage: Are they the same?

soapy nuru massage bath in london

soapy vs nuru massage

Soapy and Nuru massage, the crème de la crème of adult services and share one sensationally attribute in common – they both allow you to get slippery and steamy with your masseuse! Some people often mistaken soapy and Nuru massage as the same service, but despite sharing many similarities they also pose copious differences. So here I am to explain all….

They have major differences in history

Despite both services being prominent on an erotic massage menu their backgrounds couldn’t be any more different. Centuries ago, the red light districts of Japan were thriving with all different types of sex work – there was no need to be discreet about prostitution. However, in 1954 sex work was made illegal, meaning the once bustling red light districts became ghost towns. But fear not, the Japanese ‘can do’ attitude found themselves a solution.

Nuru massage (which translates into slippery and smooth) was legal and was rising in popularity in many parlours across Japan for its sensational stress relief.  Many were dubbing the bodywork as being better than sex due to its sensual naked body contact between the therapist and the receiver. This gave the Japanese an idea. Why not introduce Nuru massage as part of a sex service?

Of course, the Japanese sex industry rebirthed, with many massage parlours beginning to offer Nuru massage with happy ending and the full service. During this period, many Western males were visit Tokyo on business and were totally mesmerised by Nuru massage. Since, the super spine-tingling bodywork has found itself prominent in most European salons. And the rest is history…  

Despite flourishing in popularity during the same period, the history of soapy massage couldn’t be more different. During the swinging sixties many were choosing to holiday further afield in the likes of Thailand. During the summer months, the South-Eastern country can reach temperatures of over 40 degrees. Many holidaymakers were keen to test out the infamous Thai massage, but with scorching temperatures many were conscious of hygiene and were keen to take a shower before their massage. This gave the Thais a brainwave to offer soapy massage as part of the services. It allowed the client’s to feel clean while having a hot and steamy encounter with their masseuse – it really was a win win situation.

They use different products

Probably the main difference between soapy and Nuru massage is the oils which are used. As soapy massage is performed in a shower or a bath, the therapist rubs warm lotions into the receiver’s bare skin. Which lotions are used is usually the choice of the client. Lavender, jasmine and coconut oil are often recommended because of their relaxation and intimacy-boosting properties.

The oil used for Nuru massage is what makes it stand out from the rest. Instead of using a standard massage oil, a special Japanese gel is used which encompasses formulas derived from Nori seaweed. This, when lathered onto the receiver’s body, provides an extra slippery and super sensual base – perfect for sliding with zero friction.

typical oil used in massages in london

typical massage oil

They are performed differently

As earlier mentioned, its important gel is used for minimal friction during a Nuru massage. But why would friction be an issue you may as ask? Well instead of being performed solely with the hands, the masseuse incorporates her most intimate areas to show off her Nuru strokes. Nuru is always performed with the masseuse and the client fully naked.  So, to work out the tension in your back, she may slide down her bum. Or if it’s your neck which is need of attention she may choose to caress the area with her boobs. You get the picture. This provides the most overwhelming stress relief and provides a toe-curling, teasing time from the get-go. Just wait until she is grinding all over you!

Sliding and grinding are also elements of a soapy massage, however as this is usually the first point of contact between the masseuse and client, she is likely to put her teasing tantalising talents to the test.The masseuse will always take control. Drizzling you in water and rubbing the lotion all along your naked body with her dainty fingertips. This unwinds all of your unwanted tensions from the get-go and warms your muscles for more intense strokes.

During a soapy massage, the masseuse is never afraid to stroke over your manhood and cup your balls, entering you into a seventh heaven. As her killer curves are in front of your hungry eyes, it’s only natural you’ll want a play to – so play nice and she might even let you get frisky with her gorgeous body too.

They are performed in different setting

So yeah, soapy massage is self-explanatory and is performed in the bathroom either in the shower or the bath. It can either be used as the starter of other erotic massage services (even Nuru!) or as the main course. The options are limitless!

Due to its slippery nature Nuru can get quite messy. Therefore, some massage parlours have special Nuru inflatable beds or massage tables which can be used to limit how much mess is made. However, some often choose to have Nuru on a bed as it provides plenty of space for the masseuse and the receiver to get super frisky. Whatever your preference you’re guaranteed a hot and orgasmic time!

So there you are the differences between Nuru and soapy massage. Despite both services being blissfully unique, they both give second-to-none relaxation, melt your stresses away and feeds all of your naughtiest cravings. To find out more about Nuru/soapy massage or to book yours today, visit our nuru massage london service page.