the ultimate guide to prostate massage

Ultimate Guide to a Prostate Massage

Many people have heard of a prostate massage but are unsure as to what is exactly is. Many men within modern day society have a negative viewpoint towards prostate massages because of what society has made it out to be.

What is a Prostate Massage?

A prostate massage or prostate massage therapy is an exercise that massages the male prostate gland, usually for medical reasons or in some cases men receive it for sexual gratification. A prostate massage has many benefits that help the health of men and can prevent illnesses such as prostate cancer, as well as combatting erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

What is the prostate gland?

The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive system. It is located right below the bladder and close to the rectum. The prostate contains two different sections, surrounding the urethra where it joins the bladder. The prostate produces the bulk of the fluid that surrounds sperm in semen and is, therefore, vital for male fertility. You can reach the prostate gland by either inserting your fingers in a hook like shape into the rectum, or else my massaging the perineum gently.

Why might someone get a prostate massage?

Many men experience inflammation of the prostate gland which can cause huge discomfort or pain for them. Although there are some alternative therapies for treating an inflamed prostate, many practitioners prefer to carry out a prostate massage as it is said to be more effective. In more modern day medicine, many doctors may carry out a digital rectal examination also known as a (DRE) to diagnose any sign of prostatitis or inflammation. However, a substitute for this is “prostate milking” which relieves prostate inflammation. However this is also hugely sexually pleasing, therefore it is usually avoided by doctors and use more often in the bedroom perhaps. The fluid that is released by the prostate when “milked” is called expressed prostatic secretion. Doctors will study it for signs of inflammation or infection. However, many men may experience chronic prostate pain and will have to visit the doctor few times a week to relieve this pain.

What is prostate cancer?

prostate cancer image

Men can actually get prostate cancer in their prostate gland which can be highly dangerous for their health if they do not get it seen to and can become very aggressive . Although many people may not have heard of it, it is actually one of the most common types of cancer for males. It grows slowly and it is usually detected quite early on and therefore can be treated quickly.

Symptoms of prostate include;

  • Trouble urinating
  • Slow or decreased flow while urinating
  • Blood in your semen
  • Pain in your bones
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Discomfort or pain in the pelvic area


Doctors are unsure as to what exactly causes prostate cancer, but they know that it begins with abnormal cells in the prostate. However, there are some risk factors that may make you more culpable to getting prostate cancer;

  • Your age – Your age has a huge role in your chances of getting prostate cancer or not. The risk increases with your age.
  • Family history – If other males in your family have had prostate cancer then you also run the risk of having it. Surprisingly, if people in your family have breast cancer then you also run the risk of having prostate cancer.
  • Race – For reasons not yet determined, black males are more likely to get prostate cancer than any other race. It is more likely to become a lot more aggressive and advance quickly.
  • Obesity – If you are extremely overweight you also run the risk of having cancer and it is more likely to advance and become aggressive more quickly.

What are the benefits of a prostate massage?
prostate massage example

Prostate massages have huge benefits for men and can help them through many aspects of your life. It can also help you sexually and can be very enjoyable.

  • Urine flow – Many men have problems with urination, however as the prostate surrounds the urethra this may cause the inflammation and this could be where the problem starts. If you receive a prostate massage this can prevent this and make it easier for you to urinate.
  • Painful ejaculation – prostate massages are a great way to help with any fluid blockages that you are incurring. A massage will make you feel a lot better when you ejaculate.
  • Erectile dysfunction – many men use prostate massages to combat erectile dysfunction. This can be a huge problem for any men, particularly with age.
  • Intense orgasm – prostate massages feel amazing for men if they are done right because it is located right beside the g-spot.  They often make men orgasm without the penis even being touched. It can also make your orgasms last a lot longer than usual.


Why are they so big in the sex industry?

Prostate massages have become increasingly popular in society over the last few decades. The prostate gland is the home to the male g-spot and when this is massaged or penetrated it can bring intense levels of orgasms for the man.

Prostate massages have many benefits and although they are quite a taboo topic with many men, they really are amazing for you both medically and sexually. Many men are nervous or apprehensive to try a prostate massage but if they became more aware of how then can help you and how they can benefit different aspects of your life.